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MedReleaf Canada Awaiting R and D Permit to Begin Testing the Flower Initiator .

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MedReleaf describes itself as a Canadian medical cannabis Licensed Producer and distributor offering an unparalleled level of product quality and service excellence. By setting the industry standard, patients can be assured that their medical grade cannabis consistently exceeds the requirements set by Health Canada.  Medreleaf.com

MedReleafs' Duane Lewis, head of R&D, has a growth chamber setup to provide a controlled experiment to determine accurately what the benefits the results of using the 10 Watt Flower Initiator in their facility. Being a fully licensed Canadian Provider they must comply with permit requirements and have applied for and are awaiting the Research and Development permits required to proceed. Duane says, "I will be testing out this light in a room with 3 tables and 6 lights, 2 over each table. I will place the initiator over a 4 x 4 area (one light) This table will have a single strain and to confirm results I will place the initiator on the other side for the next cycle."

"I am very excited to try your product. We will be comparing yields, Flowering maturity, Cannabinoid profiles as well as Terpenes and overall health and disease resistance. I am looking forward to sharing results with you."

Duane has indicated that just a small. 3-5% improvement in any factor, health, quality or yields may motivate them to install these lamps throughout their Flowering rooms in their 55.000 square foot facility.

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