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Mother Nature Talked, We Listened!

Articles by: William BouneNew Ideas and Products are how we do our part! Try as we might, humans have not found a way to beat Mother Nature when it comes to economically recreating the wide spectrum and intensity of sunlight. However, when we must grow plants Indoors or in the Greenhouse we can adjust our lit growing [...]

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Inda-Gro - Built With Purpose!

Articles by: William Boune How Inda-Gro EFDL Grow Lights Grow Great and Save Energy. Provide your plants the best horticultural lighting for explosive growth and high yields from a single lamp source, for the entire Veg through Flowering/Fruit cycles, while saving up to 70% of the energy consumed by traditional lamp technologies.  Beginning with the proven efficiencies of [...]

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Inda-Gro and Aquaponics

Articles by: William BouneInda-Gro Light Aquaculture Projects Inda-Gro EFDL Fresh Water Aquaponics with KOI and Vegetables. The system on the right is running a traditional 400Watt Metal Halide light with 4 ea., T5's (fluorescent) at 54 watts each for a combined total of 630 watts. Our PRO-PAR system on the left is using a single 200 watt [...]

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Inda-Gro - Advantages

Articles by: William Boune ADVANTAGES:This is a very green technology, with only a tiny solid amalgam of mercury, in a little bump on the side of the tube, to excite the electrons for starting the plasma reaction, unlike the more generous mercury inside fluorescent tubes. With Inda-Gro Lights: A 10 Year or 60,000 hours, whichever comes first, [...]

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Inda-Gro - How it Works!

Articles by: William BouneInda-Gro How it Works! The Inda-Gro Light is an Electromagnetic Fluorescent Discharge Light (EFDL). A good EFDL lamp is like a fluorescent lamp on steroids, with no electrodes to wear out quickly, based on Nicola Tesla's well-known principles, light can be generated via a gas discharge through electromagnetic induction. This EFDL Lamp is a [...]

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