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Commercial Quality HID Grow Light System now here.


Now here, complete HID Grow Light Ballast Systems, just select your power cord voltage and length. 8ft remote ballast cord included.


The 400, 600 and 1,000 ballasts have a 10% watt increase, with the Super Lumen setting, this increases the intensity and the amount of Blue light overall, somewhat.

  •  Reflectors are sold separately here.
  •  The 400, 600 and 1,000 Watt Ballsts can be dimmed, see each type for particulars.

  • The 250 Watt HID ballast do not dim.
  • With HPS (High Pressure Sodium) when you dim your wattage output the ratio of RED light is increased, which can be very helpful to elicit a stronger flowering response. This also works with light deprivation to make for mature buds.
  • For those who prefer the use of MH (Metal Halide) lamps benefit with the addition of even more RED light, we offer RED Boosters for this purpose, this will add to flower quality and yields.
  • Those who prefer to grow and flower with HPS lamps, will discover that a Blue Booster will add bulk and density, while reducing internodel spacing.
  • We know that all Broad spectrum HPS lamps (High Pressure Sodium) and Magnetic Induction tend to fall off in light intensity above 630nm, our new E-Effect RED Booster (Deep RED) are designed to supply energy the 660nm and 680nm trigger points, for both A and B Chlorophyll stimulation, the weak link of most indoor grow light sources.
  • Note: Flowering responses is benefitted with all forms of lighting when adding of the Flower Initiator.

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