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Discrete Spectra Series LED grow lights

 How to: Improve crop quality and yields with LED micro-grow lights.

Use the FAR RED Flower Initator to flower for up to 14 hours per day, customer proven. It's like a having a 26 hour day!

Use the DEEP RED Bud Booster to supply missing spectrum to get denser and tastier yields.

Use the DEEP BLUE Booster to accelerate growth, for denser plant formation, to extend the flowering period without stretching, and to indentify plant sex early without going fully into flower.  

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Indoor/Greenhouse IP65 Grow Lamps. A fresh approach to grow lights, these Micro-Grow Lights are designed to generate growth, flowering and fruiting responses in plants with the use of specific frequencies and combinations.

These are used as supplemental sources to your reliable primary bulk grow lights.

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