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ESC treatment Concentrated Plant Root Conditioner

How to get larger fruit and flowers? Use ESC Root Conditioner. "Food Grade" Safe for Rooting Plugs/Cubes, Cuttings and Seedlings!

Bigger roots bring bigger fruit!

ESC Treatment promotes robust root development in both soil and soil-less mediums. 

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ESC Treatment is not a nutrient but a highly concentrated liquid solution that contains a wetting agent for faster water penetration and vitamin fortification to reduce shock and balance soil conditions after initial use. ESC optimizes uptake of water, nutrients and photosythesis, while reducing your watering schedule.

ESC Treatment is a fast acting, non-toxic, food grade, 100% bio-degradable Polyacrylamide/Thiamine (B1) surfactant. ESC Treatment may be used on established plants, however optimum benefits are achieved when applied at initial planting or early cycle stages:

  • A single ESC application will treat flowering plants that finish in less than 9 weeks
  • Reduce daily water use by a minimum of 25%.
  • Reduce fertilizer use by a minimum of 35%.
  • Enhance germination, growth and yields.
  • Decrease times to harvest. 
  • Dramatically reduces transplant shock.
  • Won’t absorb salt – Reduces build ups.
  • Will not leave any residue in soils or mediums.
  • Silica stays on the root longer and won’t breakdown as rapidly; and allowing plants to uptake better.
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ESC Treatment will increase root and bio-mass by maintaining moisture and nutrient levels within the root zone by creating a membrane of sorts, which prevents passage of water and fertilizers by holding them to be taken in as needed while preventing fertilizer leeching with each subsequent watering.

ESC Treatment penetrates the medium up to 18” deep to add billions of tiny ‘tubular sponges’ to your medium, which are shaped in such a way as to excite root development. Once the roots grow into the tubes they get water and food as needed, thereby reducing the shock from low and high water periods. This leads to sustained growth as the plants are better able to utilize the available nutrients and water.

ESC Treatment is completely safe for all mediums and micro ecology, such as mycorrhizal fungi, as it works with beneficial bacteria to promote a healthy ecology that will benefit all stages of plant growth.

Complete instructions and information on each ESC product page.

  • 2 oz. treats 16 plants $ 40.00.
  • 8 oz. treats 64 plants $100.00.
  • 32 oz. treats 256 plants $250.00.
  • 128 oz. treats 1,024 plants $620.00.
  • *Prices do not reflect applicable taxes, freight, duties or import charges that may apply.
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