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Tommy Chong 420 LED Grow Light, by Envirolux

Envirolux Tommy Chong LED 420 Grow Lights Here Soon.

Envirolux Tommy Chong 420 Grow Light


Tommy Chong likes it!

Let the Tommy Chong 420 LED Grow Light, by Envirolux, do all the heavy lifting. Save money, space and time by combining veg and bloom rooms. Our patented grow technology combines a unique multi-spectrum approach to adjusting peak intensity, providing a perfect adjustable PPFD and DLI for your crops. Eliminate timers, relays and high power wiring with fully integrated cloud based controls.

The Tommy Chong 420LED Grow Light is the horticulture industry’s direct replacement for 1000 Watt HID, and can be operated by a smart phone, using UNIFI. With an adjustable spectrum Lighting Platform with PAR + UV. The LED Grow Light that can be operated from the Cloud. Grow cycles for any plant and Custom grow notes can be kept on the cCloud, and each grow cycle can be repeated by the push of a button.

The Tommy Chong 420 LED Grow Light can adjust light output intensity up to 540 watts which is a true 1000 watt HID equivalent. EnviroLux is the #1 ranked USA based LED manufacturer listed with the Department of Energy for combined lumen efficiency and color rendering. We use the same technology inside the EnviroLux Tommy Chong (Tommy's Choice 420 LED Grow Light).

Find out more, view Video etc. on the product page, which will be here soon.Tommy Chong

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