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WX-C 150 Watt Blue Booster LED Grow Light

  • Intense Blue Supplementation. The Recommended LED Grow Light, Durable, Dependable and Penetrating. Excellent for Greenhouse & Indoor Supplementation. Solid construction insures dependable performance. Massive heat sinks coupled to large surface area of deep cooling fins, means there are no noisy fans.
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How to: Supplement with a Blue Booster LED Grow Light.

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Use for Greenhouse, Indoor Hydroponics LED Supplementation

The WX-C 150 Blue Booster LED Grow Light: Satisfies A Blue Chlorophyll, 460nm, requirements.

Employed during growth these work well with many grow lights to increase growth yields. Additional Blue can reduce stretching and promote tighter internodel structures, especially supplementing HPS lamps. Blue light is most beneficial with early starts, during early growth and for stout compact growth. Blue light rays, have the highest penetration in seawater, and therefore the greatest efficiency. The WX-C 150 Blue Booster supplements, 1 per 2-4 400 Watt Induction Grow Light, and 1 per 2 


1000 Watt HID or Plasma lamp.Beam Angle: The 90 degree beam angle provides a deeper, more focused penetration with less coverage area than with a 120 degrees beam angle. The 120 degree beam width is recommended for use when Blue Boosting.

This spectrum can be used to identify plant sex earlier, by running throughout the night or during your lights out period. They will show sex without going fully into flowering.

Aquariums, Aquaculture: Blue light is the most penetrating form of light in a watery environment and is used to stimulate the growth of vegetation.
Cucumbers: Optimal growth was found when the irradiation of the plants contained 15-20% blue irradiation, remaining spectrum balanced with green and red irradiation.
Exceptional Commercial Quality!

The powerful WX-C150W Rectangular Series can be mounted high in the growing environment and still achieve deep penetration. A height above your plants of 1~3ft is generally workable. A 2ft. the intensity on the canopy is 5 times greater than it is at 8ft.

150Watts, Super Bright 3 watt chipsets, 1 band. 3 year warranty.

Features and Benefits:
  • LED Grow Lighting: is proven technology in plant growth;
  • Reduced energy costs reduce greenhouse gasses, made without mercury.
  • Built-in switching mode power, no need outside ballast or driver, convenient to use
  • Easy to install and use, plug into the electric outlet(120/230Vac) directly
  • About 90% light of LED can be absorbed by plant, but only 10% light of HPS or MH absorbed
  • Less heat, Reduce grow room temperature 10~15F compared to HPS or MH light
  • Lifetime Estimate: 50,000 hours
  • Promotes plant growth, budding, and flowering
  • Replace or supplements HPS/MH grow light
  • Saves energy compared to HPS or MH light
  • Easy to install and use, plugs directly into an (120 to 240V) electrical outlet
  • Replaces 400W-600W HPS and MH grow lights.


  • Voltage 110 to 240
  • Light power 150W
  • Power - Single 3W Diodes
  • 3 years warranty


  • 100% 460nm Blue


  • 39.8'L X 4.5'W X 4.5'H = 1000×113×113 mm
  • Weight 17 lbs.
Contact: Consultant/Installers, Retailers.
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