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Inda-Gro and Aquaponics

Articles by: William BouneInda-Gro Light Aquaculture ProjectsInda-Gro EFDL Fresh Water Aquaponics with KOI and Vegetables.The system on the right is running a traditional 400Watt Metal Halide light with 4 ea., T5's (fluorescent) at 54 watts each for a combined total of 630 watts. Our PRO-PAR system on the left is using a single 200 watt [...]

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Inda-Gro - Advantages

Articles by: William BouneADVANTAGES:This is a very green technology, with only a tiny solid amalgam of mercury, in a little bump on the side of the tube, to excite the electrons for starting the plasma reaction, unlike the more generous mercury inside fluorescent tubes.With Inda-Gro Lights: A 10 Year or 60,000 hours, whichever comes first, [...]

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