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Daylight Harvester Pro420PAR-DH

  • The Smart Light Daylight Harvester feature provides a built in sensor that continuously monitors available sunlight levels and instantly adjusts each individual light's output levels, optimized for each location, to user defined intensity and sensitivity. This works great with smaller installations with a timer, for larger greenhouse facilities you should consider the Main Controller.
  • Nothing Grows like Inda-Gro the Pro420PAR Induction EFDL Grow Lights.
These broad spectrum lamps provide your plants the best horticultural lighting for explosive growth and high yields from a single lamp source. Not only will you get great results while saving energy, not only will you not have to swap bulbs from MH to HPS when going from growth to flowering, but you will not have to buy a new bulb for 7-10 Years. Inda-Gro comes with a 10 year, pro-rated, warranty! You can learn much more by completing this slideshow.
  • Inda-Gro in action, an Aquaponic installation.
  • Tesla's Induction Lighting patents inspire the advanced technology behind Inda-Gro ProPAR Series Lamps. "Lightning in a bottle"!
  • The Remote Power Supply Option component view.
This option allows the power supply to be isolated from the lamps at distances of 10 or 20 feet,
this require a factory retrofit, the cable is specifically constructed for this  High Voltage lamp.
  • The specialized High Voltage impedance matched cable, custom built for each lamp. This is RF Engineer work. The end user can NOT do this or it will void the warranty. The remote driver assembly is a customized solution. The most common reason for this remote driver request is if the customer wants to eliminate the extra 6.65cm height that the driver housing represents.
  • One of the questions we're often asked is can you remote the driver (power supply) from the lamp housing? The short answer is yes but it is not as simple as adding an extension cord between the two. The cabling and connectors are special in that it has to insulate the EMI and the remote cable cannot change the critical impedance match required between the driver and the lamp assembly.
  • If this option is being considered to eliminate any heat that the driver (power supply) adds to the room than you should be aware that the driver housing will run in the 46C (114.8F) range while the surface of the lamp will run in the 93C (199.4F) range. Compared to an HID lamp that runs @ 482C (899F), our lamps run substantially cooler than comparable HID grow lamp.  Some users in very hot locales and in very small cabinets or short tents have chosen the Remote Option, seeking any reduction of heat possible.
  • Inda-Gro uses rectangular tubes, these provide the best coverage for common agricultural use.
Inda-Gro's purpose built reflector housing optimizes the light these tubes produce.
  • Induction EDFL lamp and magnetic couplers are the core of the Inda-Gro magnetic induction lighting system.
  • Better Lamps make better plants!
  • Without seals, off and on does not cause the lamp to lose output.  When it is used up, in 70,000 hours or more, the small amount of mercury used can be safely recycled, just snap the little containing bulb off.
  • Electrode-less tubes with no seals insure a long life, strong magnetic fields make them operate at 95% efficiency and horticultural grade rare earth Phosphors provide high productivity.
  • Comparative Lumen deprecation schedules make Inda-Gro's long-life benefit more visually concrete.
  • Plant Lighting Spectrums.
  • Various Spectrum graphs and how they relate.
  • Kelvin values were first used for artists, designers and window dressers for visual communication.
  • Chlorophyll Absorption Chart.
  • PAR Quality Comparisons.
  • Inda-Gro's Broad Spectrum Daylight Series
  • Common Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium lamp spectrum charts.
  • Standard Tri-Phosphor Blend charts.
  • Tri-Phosphor Blend Charts.
  • Photoperiods and plants.
  • Daylight Intervals for various Greenhouse plants.
  • More Daylight Intervals.
  • More Daylight Intervals.
  • Bright colored, tasty peppers are the norm.
  • Apparent Brightness Chart.
  • Operational Comparisons.
  • Measuring Energy Efficiency.
  • Mercury Utilization
  • Tomatillos need plenty of intense light to ripen to sweetness.
  • What plants reach for!
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Product Description

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How the Smart Energy Supplemental Greenhouse Grow Lighting System Saves Money!

Buy Inda-Gro, your Plants will love you!

Automate with the Greenhouse Day-Lighting System
The most energy efficient light is the one that is Dimmed or Turned Off!



In the Greenhouse, ideal for Horticulture, Aeroponics, Aquaponics, Aquariums, Aquaculture, Hydroponics Systems, great with Light Mover. More information is embedded in the slideshow at the top of this page.

Daylight Harvester Features:
  • Local area sensor recognizes available sunlight to raise and lower light output to meet crop DLI (Daily Light Integral).
  • Works with main sensor to instantly turn all the greenhouse lights on and off as sunlight conditions dictate.
  • Allows user to set High/Low uMole thresholds for optimum crop response.
  • Modular integration with existing environmental/lighting control systems.
  • Custom lighting layouts based on crops, region and time of year.
Inda-Gro Lamp Features: 
  • Inda-Gro Lights can consume less power than comparable HID lamps.
  • 3.5 Amps at 120VAC and 1.75 Amps at 240VAC.
  • Much less with in the Greenhouse with the Daylight Havester features.
  • Dependable Universal Driver operates on 120/277v 50/60Hz supply circuits.
  • Broad spectrum phosphor blend supplies plant needs vegetative thru flowering from a single lamp source.
  • Instant On/Off switching and variable dimming from full output to 50%. 
  • Modular integration with existing greenhouse management and daylight sensing control systems.
  • 98% high reflectance reflectors mean more energy to the canopy with better penetration.
  • 92,833 VEL. Maintains 90% Lumen Output at 70,000 Hours.
  • 100,000 hour rated with 10% lumen depreciation @ 70,000 hours.
  • Consistent intensities and stable spectrum for repeatable crop production values.
  • 10 year prorated lamps and drivers warranty within the US.
  • The driver housing (power supply, or ballast)  will run in the 46C (114.8F) range while the surface of the lamp will run in the 93C (199.4F) range. Compared to an HID lamp that runs @ 482C (899F), our lamps run substantially cooler than comparable HID grow lamps.  The Remote Power Supply option is recommended only with severe space limitations. 
  • Dependable Universal Driver rated at 120-277v 50/60hz.
  • The 6 foot cord with a US 3 prong 120VAC plug is standard (wired to run on 120, 208, 240 and 277 VAC).
  • Swap out your outlet, the plug or use an adapter to match other 120-277 VAC needs.
  • RPS: The Remote Power Supply Option is available only here at Grow Light Source.


  • Broad Spectrum
  • Select Rare Earth Phosphors with an added 5% @ 630nm
  • 95% Par Usable UV and IR Spectrum
Product Dimensions:
  • H- 6.8" / 17cm 
  • W- 14.5" / 37cm
  • L- 41" / 104cm
  • Weight: 15 Lb.

Shipping Dimensions:

  • H- 13" / 33cm
  • W- 20" / 51 cm
  • L- 46" / 117cm
  • Shipping Weight: 23 Lb.
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