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Inda-Gro Hybrid Light - Pfr Pontoon Add-on - Fruit Accelerator

  • The Add-on, stripped down, without the Pro420PAR lamp it supplements.
  • The Side by Side with Tomato's should inspire the possibilities of applying these Deep RED wavelengths and Pfr switching advancements to many varieties and species, improving their quality, color, smell and yields. These are generally used during flowering and fruiting only.  The "Pontoons" run the entire length of the existing Pro420PAR lamps. These Pfr-Pontoons are an accessory to the Pro420PAR and able to be draped over the fixture, plugged into the existing timer power source and when lights go out the Far-RED 730nm diodes will run for 5 minutes to trigger the plant's normal Phytochrome switch in 2 hours to merely minutes.
  • An end view of the side by side it is readily observed that the right side, that supplemented with the Hybrid Pontoon Option, had a much more compact form, with little internodal stretching, this exhibits the improved Plant Light Interception with this advanced approach.
  • On the tomato side by side we've increased yield by nearly 2:1 with an additional draw of only 40 Watts, the total draw of the Pontoons. On Day 20 of Flower/Fruit, there are 72 tomatoes, the largest being 2.5" in diameter.
  • On the left side, that without the Hybrid Pontoon Option, the foliage is less dense, disorganized, and less efficient, producing only 41 tomatoes, the largest of being 2" in diameter.
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Product Description

 How to take your gardens to the next level with repeatable high quality harvests.

Use the Hybrid Solution Inda-Gro Pfr-Pontoons "Fruit Accelerator" Add-on.

The Pro420PAR sold separately
"Combo" Available.

  California Made with many
"Made in USA" components

How to use the PFR Pontoon: Simply drape it over the Inda-Gro lamp, it plugs in at the lamp, when you go to flower your lit period can be 12/12 to 13/11 to start, for a fine finish run the lights at 11/13. Some begin flowering with 13/11 and finish up at 11/13, other just run 12/12 throughout flowering.

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When the lights are on there is a 40 Watt addition of Deep RED Spectra, and when lights go out, the Far-RED 730nm LEDs will run for 5 minutes (without an added timer) as the "Flower Initator" effect proceeds, causing the  plant's phytochrome to switch to the resting state in mere minutes, rather than 2 hours nature requires. This means an extra 1.5 - 2 hours of potential flowering light during the day.

With Short Day Plants begin start flowers at 12/12, once your flowers are initiated, the flower/fruit photoperiod can be increased to 13 to 13.5 hours, to gain at least an additonal 10% - 30% in yield and increased quality from the Flower Initiation aspect alone. 

The Hybrid Lighting Concept is gaining foothold with the most advanced grow light manufacturers. Inda-Gro has embraced this and has moved into full production. These offer the benefits of both RED Boosting and the Flower Intiator effects in one easy do-it-yourself add-on.

This is generally used during the flower/fruit phase, use during the growth phase, with a 12/12 plant, you will need have at least a 16+ hour photoperiod to prevent early flowering, for benefits without initating a pre-mature flower response.

The Side by Side with Tomato's should inspire the possibilities of applying these advancements to many varieties and species, improving their quality, color, smell and yields. These are used during flowering and fruiting only. The Deep RED wavelengths and Pfr switching combination, is an easy do it yourself ADD-ON, retrofit to the existing lamp. The Pfr-Pontoons are simply draped over the the Pro420PAR fixture and plugged into the existing Inda-Gro power supply.

On the tomato side by side we've increased yield by nearly 2:1 for only an additional 40 total watts, the Pontoons draw. With high end horticultural produce your ROI should be recovered, with increased yield and quality, within one year or less, with continued savings for 6 more years, minimum.

When the Pfr Pontoon's "Fruit Accelerator" lights are running, during the flower and fruit cycle, you will get the added benefits of Deep RED LED penetration and Spectrum Tweaking with RED Boosting. Indoors or in the Greenhouse, with a properly arranged garden array, benefits will be harvested by adding one Pontoon set on every other Pro420PAR, the beam patterns will spread over the adjacent lights canopy, but with lessened intensity. For the maximum results you may want one on every fixture.

Have you seen the Videos? Tour in-house Inda-Gro Indoor Gardens with Darryl and Jeovane, with tests of the Pfr Pontoons, linked at the top. 

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